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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I thought it would be good to point one of the excellent British spanking websites every month of so on the Blog, not to make money out of them but just because there are some wonderful sites out there to be found. The one I'm going to start with is one of the best, "Dreams of Spanking".

 (Picture Credit: Dreams of Spanking)

I came across this site because it is one of the few sites that has females spanking both males and females in video productions, something I think is sadly missing from most sites that sell video clips of some kind and a big bonus is it features the beautiful and cheeky Pandora Blake (Pictured above). On her personal blog sometime ago there was a post that mentioned her love of films where females both males and females get spanked together so it was greats she followed it up with films and clips on her own site featuring this practice.

Dreams of Spanking is a lovely site and reflects the high production values of the videos it sells. It is a class site and it clear has been a labor of love to produce something that stands out above the rest. It doesn't feel cheap and nasty like many of the spanking sites you come across, it just shines like a star. All the clips are well produced with that attention to detail that is often so sadly missing in many commercial spanking sites.

On the site you will find wonderful sample photo sets, sample video, a site blog and profiles of the models. And unlike many sites it is easy to navigate and making use of tags to make things easy to find. It is clear that a lot of work and thought has gone into making this site a easy site to use. Although it is a pay site as a visitor you get to see all that is on offer, nothing is hidden, you just have to pay for premium access. When you have done this the samples are replaced by full videos. I'm not sure about the pricing but it seems reasonable for the quality of what you can view and see given the work that goes clear goes into the site.

If this seemed like a rave review it is because it is just that. It stands out as one of the top professional spanking production sites and it is world class. All the effort in its creation deserves all the rewards that can be gain for it. It is worth a look, so take a look at Dreams of Spanking.

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