Real Breasts

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Turning our attention away from spanking for a while, I'm not sure I know a man that doesn't love to feel an nice pair of breasts in his hands, or then to play with a pair of hard nipples before putting them in his month and gently biting and sucking them. It just seems to be something that is programmed within us.

I never seen why women have breast implants, other than for medical reasons. I know I like the breasts I play with to look and feel real. It doesn't matter if they sag a little more than magazines suggests they should or if one breast is larger than another. In fact it is the variation in different woman's breasts that makes them so interesting. It would be so dull if they were all alike and there is hardly any need to have them altered.

So a bit of advice to the ladies, unless you are really having medical problems, problems with over sized breasts or have really strange breast shapes, then think twice about having someone fill them will silicon bags. They never look right and it can cause more problems in the long run if you have healthy breasts to start with. Remember to a lot of men think that natural breasts look better than fake ones. Give me a pair of real breasts to play with any day than a pair of manufactured ones.

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