Intriguing Picture

Friday, July 24, 2015

I have been getting a lot of hits on the m/f spanking pictures page and I decided to find out why. It turned out that one of the pictures on the site was number one for image search term "spanking f/m" which surprised me. Anyway on the same image search a little further done the ranking was this picture.

Instantly it grabbed my interest. For starters it features a woman spanking a man and the woman has a fine bottom that looks like it could take a nice spanking too. But the thing that got me was the man watching, and his whole role in the whole affair.

Like so many pictures that intrigue me, it is the possible background story and what happens next that inters tests me. Why is the man being spanked and why is the man watching looking at the woman's bottom. Is the man watching holding his hand over his eye while peeking at the woman bottom? If so why is he doing that, is he next or is he enjoying the view. Is he thinking of spanking her bottom or that he is next? What ever he is thinking he has been noticed and what will the woman do next?

The number of questions the picture raises will depend your perspective making it one of those intriguing pictures you find from time to time.

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