Female Form

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Women come in shapes and sizes, one just has to look at tumblr to see that and thankfully men are all different too and like women of all different shapes and sizes There is no single perfect shape for a woman despite what the fashion industry would have us all believe. In fact it more about the presentation of the body that can make it a turn on than the shape or the size of a woman.

For years I have believed that fashion industry should acknowledge the fact that most women have fuller and rounder figures than the models they use. They should help promote a healthy body shape and not one that appears to have been half starved. After all what is the point in designing and showing off clothes only the super thin can buy and wear. Hardly something that is going to lead to great sales if nobody can fit into them.

Of course we all have our own opinion on what looks good, for example I think a body like the one in the picture is perfect. It full and rounded and although I can she the girls bottom I'm sure it is full and round and would be great fun to spank. That not to say that I don't like other body shapes too. A larger woman with large breasts in a corset is an amazing sight as is a thinner girl in the right clothes. I think what women miss is the fact that men like women, period, and it not about shape and size at all. We might have ideal shapes and sizes we like, but that we don't dislike other shapes and sizes of the female form. In fact if anything it is the fact women come in such a variety that makes them all the more interesting.

I know women want to lose weight some times to boast their confidence, and I can understand that, but it is the press and the fashion industry that causes them to lose some of it. It is about time that the former lived in the real world and understood that not all women are thin and emaciated like many of the models that walk the world stage of fashion. If women and men weren't given images and expectations of thinness and instead were presented with images of real women then some women would have lost their confidence in the first place.

It is about time that something was done to redress the balance and if the fashion industry can't act themselves then may be it is time for Governments to intervene to promote a more normal and healthy body shape. And finaly to the women out there, let me say you are all beautiful what ever your size and shape.

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