Erotic Photography

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The power of a photograph is amazing and has been since the invention of the camera, and this especially the case the field of erotic photography. You just have to look at the picture below and it is just full or eroticism. It is the way the picture is composed, the lighting the models everything about it is perfect. You are just drawn into the photograph and the mood that it sets.

It takes skill to produce a picture like this, as opposed to a highly explicit picture which has no real atmosphere about it, other than capturing an act. Sometimes it better to show less than more and this is the case in the picture above. It is the fact that the face is hidden as well as the woman's genitals that adds interest to the picture. They are simply not needed. If anything the fact they are missing makes it even more erotic by allowing the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the gaps. 

It is pictures like this I love, it doesn't have to be explicit to be a turn on for me. A picture like this will do it for me just as well, and I know Ms.Kinky prefers pictures like this. The same thing can go for films too. It is what you can't just see, or sometimes left to the imagination, that works so well. Take the masturbation videos on that were originally, in most cases, just face shots, they can be very erotic. then there is other videos I have seen that just show the face of a woman making love, they work just as well. It's knowing what is going on without seeing it that works so well.

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