Monday, July 20, 2015

Today I was reading on the BBC News site how some beauty spots, in particularly a beach in Lincolnshire, and being over run at times by Doggers and leaving unsavory rubbish around area of natural beauty, that can be found by other members of the public including children. This got me thinking about my own views on the subject.

Starting with the problems it can cause, surely a lot about this is careful location and just general respect of the place you are in. Clearly Doggers don't want to be discovered by the police or unsuspecting people, the only people they want to be found by is other Doggers, as such they need to select the location for their activities carefully.  One of the problems with the story in the news this weekend was the location was a little too public. The question of litter is simple, they should just pick it up and throw it away properly. I'm sure at home they don't litter the bedroom or any other rooms with condoms and they should show the same respect to places these people practice their activity. It really isn't having people come across their waste on a beach or in woodland.

Dogging isn't something I have ever tried, but I would be a lying if I had said I didn't have an interest in the idea. Like a lot of you, I guess, I have come across video's and pictures on the internet and had a look at some of the dogging sites that have appeared over the years. However, it just more of an interest than something I have considered doing, but then again I don't have a partner who would want sex with strangers and she is quite happy with me, as far as I can tell. So my interest is more voyeuristic if anything. I would love to go a site and watch what goes on without taking part, although I don't know if that is allowed under the dogging code.

It's not that sex with strangers disinterests me as such, it just that I don't think it would be right for me at the moment and I'm not sure how I would feel afterwards. Then of course their is the safe sex side of things and the possibility of catching something nasty, not that I think anyone does it to spread sexually transmitted deceases but their must be a greater possibility.But like all things I'm very open and you never know one day I might just try it just to say I have done it.

I love outdoor sex and have practiced that in the past and I say good luck to the Doggers out there, but I would say be careful and respect the places you use. It stories like the ones I read today that will result in the end of an interesting sexual practice.

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