Corner Time

Thursday, July 16, 2015

One oft he things we have always practiced is corner time. It something that I have been doing and have associated with spanking and caning ever since I got into the scene. It just seems and lovely way to view your  handy work as a spanker and gives everyone a breather before everyday life starts again.

You can assign corner time before and after spanking or use on it own. We prefer using it after spanking, but then I guess the waiting in bedroom before a spanking has the same effect and we certainly use that. Bedroom time before a spanking certainly lets you reflect on the reasons behind the coming spanking as well as given you those sweaty palms and butterfly tummy I associate to the pre-spanking moments. One that I remember from earlier this afternoon. We have a couple of friends that use it on it's own as a time out, in the case the house is ruled by male and the female has habit of talking back, and they have used it successfully to reduce friction that this can cause between them.

Over the years I have employed the talcum powder trick to spot movement. If you are like us and employ a no rubbing and no movement rule this can be handy. Just put talcum powder on the floor around the person in the corner and any movement of the feet can be detected in the powered and another reminder spanking given. In the past this has worked a treat, especially if you have to leave the room and can't watch the person in the corner.

 For us corner time is vital and generally done nude in various positions and always with the red and often marked bottom on display. There is something humbling standing in the corner on display, even more so if friends are present that are into the same thing which happened to me at a dinner party some years ago, but that is another story for another day.

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