Black and White Pictures

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I have always loved photography and especially erotic photography, after all they say a picture can say a thousand words, however I believe that only happens when the picture is taken by someone that has spent there time refining their art. For me there is something else that matters and that is the medium. For all the colour pictures in this blog and on my Tumblr, often it is the ones that are in black and white that have the most effect.

There is something about a black and white picture that only the best colour picture can only hope to achieve and I'm not sure what it is. In away they look more real and yet that is a paradox because we live in a colour world. The fact is they have more power to get over there eroticism than there colour counterparts which in someways seem more clinical because of the colour and leave less to the imagination. May be someone in the know can leave me a comment and tell me why black and white pictures seem more erotic.

I have decided that this month Tumblr feed will feature black and white pictures rather than colour and I have ready made a good start as you can see if you follow the link at the side of the blog. I just hope those that follow the Tumblr get as much pleasure seeing what I post as I do in finding the pictures.

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