All in the Picture

Monday, July 13, 2015

I was looking through Red excellent Consensual Spanking on the lookout for a good picture or two and I came across this gem taken from Clare Spanks Men. It is another of those pictures that could be used to base a whole story around.

(Picture credit Clare Spanks Men)

Not sure what it is but this is one of those pictures that just makes you ask what going on. Why is the man rejecting such a beautiful pair of breasts. What is that look she has in her eye, you know it going to be some wicked thought, but what thought. Clearly he is going to get spanked, but why is he going to get spanked. Did he catch her dressing hoping for a peek at her naked body and then as we say in UK he was given an eyeful. One thing for sure he is bound to be more than embarrassed when he goes over the knee.

One thing about a picture like this, is that it is perfect for imagining all kinds of stories that could lay behind it. If you haven't yet checked out Red's Blog, Consensual Spanking, then do. It is full of wonderful pictures and more. Maybe in the new year I will feature a few more of my favorite blogs on the web.

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