Lesson Learned

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This is a new cap I made for cronus over at the Haven.  As you know I haven't been writing much lately, but have been in the mood to cap.  I figured that I would give it another go, and after posting "You Said..." I figured that I would just settle on a short cap.  So I looked over cornus' preferences and remembered that we are similar enough that I could just write a non cross-dressing cap that I enjoyed, and it would work for her.  About the only 'specialized' request that caught my eye is masturbation.  I had written "It Pleases Her" for cronus which focused a bit on masturbation.  I didn't feel obligated to target that again, but it is such an unusual request that i wanted to take a swing at it.

So I searched for images of a woman masturbating or at least 'near' masturbating and came across the image in the first panel.  I liked the image.  I could play up that she was 'about' to masturbate or had just stopped masturbating.  But the kicker was her location.  On the kitchen counter... and with the cups strewn around I got the idea that this was at a party.  That would bring the humiliation around in a big way.  I didn't really want to disappoint myself again by not finishing a good cap, so I didn't start with the ending.  I just had 'party involving his friends while he was forced to display himself'. So I started with the beginning.  I started writing and writing and writing... I figured I would trim most of this out anyway, so I wasn't going back to fix errors or anything.

But once I had gotten to the second page of word, I realized I still wasn't close to an ending... and I had a pretty good story going.  I went back and fixed most of the overt errors, and re-read it and confirmed my suspicion.... I was making a long cap.  This was all good material, and the vague ending forming in my head would be a long process involving details set up near the beginning.  I realized I might need another image or two for additional pages, but I had this entire series to work from so I could get images later.  And I didn't want to break the workflow.  So I got back to writing. By the time I started writing about Linda walking in and demanding Erik to eat her out, I had the ending just about done in my head.  Eat her out, be forced to give head to Jeremy, Jeremy isn't happy, and ends up taking little miss slutty up the rear.

I liked it and I figured cornus would as well.  But then it happeend again.  I was starting to have trouble writing the blow job scene.  It was an important scene that lead directly to the ending scene... but this is the problem that generally derails a cap for me.  I get suck, can't continue and throw the whole thing away.  So I made the blow job scene as quick as possible (basically just the series of 'lessons'.  I then added the buttseks as a single simple kicker.  I was sorry to see it go, but I am trying to stay within my boundaries, and not fight them anymore.

Sadly for me whenever I look at this cap, that is all I will see... the missing true ending.  I think it works (I wouldn't have given t to cronus if it didn't), but it is just that little bit lacking.

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