Basketball Lessons

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Basketball is manly.... right

This was a fun and easy cap for me to make.  I wrote this for Bren over at the Haven.  She is great and has made some wonderful caps for me, so I always try to bring my best for her.  Luckily she has preferences that flow fairly close to mine... this is a portion of her preferences:

I like captions geared more toward a vengeance theme or someone getting an education the hard way. The field of revenge is wide open, often yielding new and creative means to find satisfaction.  I often enjoy the karmic balance that screws with those who don't respect it. Watching their humiliation set in is always an enjoyable plus.

Revenge?  Karmic Balance?  Humiliation?  Oh yea... I can get behind that.  The only problem is that Bren doesn't offer much in her prefered female form, or any real specific direction on what she would like to happen.  I imagine that makes it much easier for someone who writes their story first, but as I've said a few times, I don't work well that way.

So the majority of this was looking for the right images.  All it had to do was tell me a humiliating tale.  I came across these and got the basic idea of a basketball player taking his girlfriends place after defending a chauvonistic coach.  When I got that basic part down I started writing.... but I did it differently this time.

I looked at the images (it was a large set) and wrote little side scenes that went with particular images.  Normal I get a pretty specific Idea for the ending, then start at the beginning.   When I think enough story has been written, I pick a 'starting' image then move on, adding images when they feel right.  But this time I had a little bit about one image, then a little bit about another image...

The fun part was writing the story and shoveling in these little parts.  The final editing obviously took longer so I could make it all flow together, but I don't think its obvious that I wrote it that way.

I know most of my posts here are varying critiques on my images... but I really do enjoy this one.  Sure there are small bits here and there that I would like to change, but I don't look at these and cringe at all.

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