Thursday, January 23, 2014

I love reading stories with a consenual, romantic theme. Writing them is an entirely different thing. Captions can be mini stories, but a proper length, thirty pager? Too hard for me. I can produce comics, not novels. Ho - hum!

I suppose the closest I've come is a series. I've done a few. Some deal with a single conversation, others are snapshots over weeks or months. But in all cases, the reader fills in the gaps, not shown in the captioned images. And that's great; when someone fills in the gaps, they make it their own. Just my kind of therapy.

Here is a story idea that I've put into a caption. If it wasn't for the 'fun & games' of the past generations, we wouldn't be here - obviously! Would anyone care to try to build the story?

If so, give it to alterboy. I've long wanted to contribute to his fine site, but US laws make it impossible for me to contribute any images. Does karma count?


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