Normal People Have Outrageous Fantasies

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase, "watch out for the quiet ones"? Perhaps I shouldn't say any more?

Ah, snot. It's my blog, and I'll rant, if I want to...

Q: So, am I normal?
A: Don't know. Don't care.

Statistically, the more you take into account, (height, weight, eye colour, appreciation of fairy lights, etc.), the more scatter charts you end up with. Find the middle of each one, and discover that the centre dots are not the same person. So, after many days of work, you can prove to yourself that a normal person does not exist. We are all individuals. Everybody repeat, after me... We are all individuals.

Now isn't it sad that society is geared up to only deal with Mr and Mrs Average and their son or daughter Master or Miss Normal?

My conclusion: Be outrageous, but don't scare the horses or the straights.


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