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Friday, January 24, 2014

The English language, and how she is fraught! Sometimes I think my native tongue is my second language. Gaea knows what my first one is? But I do despair sometimes at the depths to which the education of some has sunk. I knew my education was sadly lacking, all those years ago, so I read more. I hope over the years I've caught up to where it should have been, when I left school. My spelling remains atrocious - Thank (insert God's name here) for spelling checkers. Of course, I still have to remember to use the darn things!

I think some captions have a lovely idea, but are ruined by simple grammatical errors. MS-Word isn't the only word processor with a grammar checker. I suppose with one hand on the keyboard and the other on... well you know, you don't have a free hand to click a mouse button a couple of times. Heat of the moment?

This first caption can be viewed as educational. I hope it also entertains. I also hope you don't have to be entertained to learn things!

A couple of series for pure entertainment. Enjoy...

I hope you've learnt to swim. You never know when it can come in handy.

Have we learnt anything yet?

Where you'll end up, if you stop learning!

I can't help but wonder if very beautiful ladies think all men are dolts. After all, it's usually what they see us do around them?

What we deserve?


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